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In recent years Dubai has gained fame and popularity worldwide as a tourist destination. As a holiday destination tourism in Dubai offers a wide range of possibilities, from the bustling activity of the shopping malls and the souk, up to the peace that lives in the desert, as well as dubai escorts, a safe choice by all means.

Contrary to popular belief, currently all of their wealth not only omes mainly from oil, but also real estate and financial transactions, which are helping to make it one of the fastest growing cities in the Middle East.

History of Dubai

Little is known of the history of Dubai before the early 19th century, when the clan of Abu Al-Falasa established it as a dependency of Abu Dhabi. Written records prior to 1799 do not exist, although the city is mentioned in passing in a number of earlier texts.

Its advantageous location in the Persian Gulf made it a good place to trade – in particular between India and the nations of the west – and the historians somehow believe that the city existed probably long before the birth of Christ. In 1833, the british government took control of Dubai, and is maintained more or less in the position until 1971, when they departed from the region. Dubai and other emirates nearby are the United Arab Emirates since 1973.

Geography and Climate

Like many parts of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a very hot city, with temperatures well above 40 degrees in the summer. The city is surrounded by the Arabian desert to the south and to the east and is blocked by the Gulf to the west and north. The mountains of the western Hajar mark its border with Oman, and its only one creek, Dubai Creek has been deepened artificially to allow travel by boat.

Dubai has a population of approximately 1.5 million, of which over 1 million are men. The ethnic groups of Indians and pakistanis represent a significant percentage of their population (71 percent according to some estimates).


The high percentage of indians, pakistanis, and bangladeshis in the city of Dubai make it a fascinating fusion of cultures hindu and muslim. The city celebrates muslim holidays, such as Ramadan, as well as the National day of the United Arab Emirates, every 2 December. The food and music embrace a great variety of different cultures, and shops can be found in traditional environments and modern facilities alike.

The city is home to five football teams different that belong to the league of the Arab Emirates, and in addition to the cricket, which remains a very popular sport. The International Film Festival of Dubai attracts film lovers from all over the world, and the city covers both the american films and indian films of Bollywood. Despite strong regulation of liquor, Dubai has a lively nightlife, with bars and nightclubs in many of the luxury hotels of the city.

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